Real Christmas Trees VS. Artificial Trees

Real Tree? Fake Tree? There’s A Difference!

real christmas tree

Having a real, fragrant, and freshly trimmed Christmas tree makes any home merry and bright during the holidays. Nothing compares to soft, green, and sweetly scented needles that hold up your heirloom ornaments and dazzling lights. However, the growing trend of buying the more expensive plastic Christmas trees is starting to creep up on Christmas tree tradition.

There’s a reason why these evergreen trees are the staple of the season. Before deciding on one or the other, take a look at the benefits and comfort that real trees offer during the most wonderful time of the year!

Real Christmas Trees

Fake Trees

Place of Origin

Christmas Tree Farms85% from China


Farm grown, creating complex ecosystemsManufactured in factories that consume natural resources


Citrus, sweet, evergreenNone

Environmental Impacts

Carbon Neutral, biodegradableMade from petroleum by-product, sometimes contain lead, and are non-biodegradable


Re-purposed, turned into mulch or used for fish and wildlife habitatsCan NOT be recycled and end up in landfills

Real Christmas Trees Are Locally Sourced

Buying a real tree supports local Christmas tree plantation growers and workers. On the other hand, buying a fake tree could mean buying a foreign-manufactured plastic tree.